About UFES

The Federal University of Espírito Santo

The Federal University of Espírito Santo – UFES – was founded on May 5th, 1954. Comprising four campuses – two in Vitória: Goiabeiras and Maruípe; and two in the countryside: Alegre and São Mateus – UFES is well placed in performance rankings of Brazilian Universities, as a result of its high academic achievements.

Itconsists of 1.650 professors, 2.500 administrative assistants, 20 thousand undergraduate students and 3 thousand post-graduate students and its administrative headquarter is located on Campus Goiabeiras, in Vitória. Besides, UFES is connected to the 78 municipalities of Espírito Santo, where it develops teaching, research and extension programmes.

All the University centers have post-graduate programmes, so that UFESis able to progress in scientific and technological research, like the ones that are developed onits Oceanographic Station in Aracruz. Its strategic goal is carrying out research, committed to sustainable development.

The administrative structure comprises the Rectorate and six senior offices: Administration, Extension Programmes, Undergraduate Studies, Research and Post Graduate Educaton, Planning and Institutional Development, and Human Resources and Student Assistance. There is also the International Office, the Secretariat for Culture and Communication and the Ombudsman.

Concerning scientific and technological research, UFES has 600 ongoing projects and develops 700 extension programmes comprising all the municipalities in Espírito Santo and around 1,5 million people. UFES also has partnerships with public and private organizations, in order to develop teaching, research and extension programmes.

Moreover, UFES offers several services to its students and staff, and to its surrounding community, like theater, cinema, art galleries, language centre, libraries, planetarium, astronomical observatory, auditorium, gym and other sports facilities.

The university theater is the largest in Espírito Santo and became a cultural reference for the academia and for the local community, encouraging the development of arts in this state. The Unified Library System has eight branches divided into four campuses and embraces the largest collection of books in Espírito Santo, with 430 thousand copies of more than 140 thousand books.

The Central Library in Goiabeiras is the largest in our state, with 50 thousand visitors each month.

UFES also offers health services through the University Hospital Cassiano Antonio Moraes (HUCAM) – the main facility for public health in Espírito Santo – with several branches of medical science.

Besides, it became a reference for medium and high complexity medical procedures.